Soldron 740 Station (3 in 1)

Product Code : 740

MRP 12,735

Our most versatile station yet, the Soldron 740 covers all the needs of mobile repairers and SMD technicians everywhere.

Designed and built keeping requirements of engineers and technicians in mind, who may have limited space for a full stack of soldering solutions on their workbench, this unit covers all their needs.

Feature Overview:

  • Hot air blower
  • Fine bit MCH soldering iron
  • Built in SMPS with USB port with output voltage of 5V/1Amps (In test mode max 20V)
  • Ammeter with ports for attaching testing probes
  • Auto-pause for blower when placed in attached cradle



  • Metal Body
  • Pre-Printed Set and Run Modes on panel for iron and hot air blower with LED indicator for temperature maintenance
  • ESD safe
  • Input Voltage : 230V/50Hz.
  • Overall Consumption : 600 Watts

Soldering Iron-

  • Temp. range - 200°C - 450°C
  • Needle Bit
  • Iron Supply 24 Volts / 60 Watts
  • Earthed
  • Easy Replaceble bits
  • Rubber grip for non-slippery use.
  • MCH heater for long life


Hot Air Specs -

  • Temp. range - 200°C - 480°C
  • Power cosumption 500W
  • Integrated blower within hand held unit.
  • Built in temperature Sensor for precise measuring
  • light weight
  • Digitally Controlled
  • Built-in cut off sensor when placed on Cradle (provided)
  • Earthed
  • Comes with 3 different air nozzel sizes


Power supply -

  • 7 segment display for SET and RUN modes
  • Analogue amp meter for precise deflection
  • Voltage Output : 15Volts/1A (max)
  • Test mode Input voltage : 20Volts (max)


Package Content -

  • Station
  • Soldering Iron with Needle bit
  • Hot Air blower
  • 3 nozzles for Hot Air blower
  • Hot air blower's Cradle
  • Multi connector cable
  • Deluxe Stand with Sponge for Soldering Iron


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