Soldron products come with a 6 month limited warranty from the date of purchase against manufacturing defects only. This warranty does not cover wear and tear such as damage to cables, bits wearing out and does not extend to accessories such as sponges, stands, etc.

A proof of purchase such as a bill, receipt or invoice is mandatory to avail warranty services, without which we would be unable to honour said warranty. The proof of purchase should state Soldron and the model number or other clearly identifiable description, or the bill/proof of purchase will not be considered valid.

What voids my warranty?

  1. Using a bit that is not original Soldron
  2. Not using a SOLDRON bit
  3. Using a SOLDRON bit intended for another model
  4. Any tampering carried out with the purpose of modifying or changing the product from it’s intended purpose
  5. Attempting to service/removal of the warranty sticker from the product
  6. Applying force enough to break or bend the element
  7. Water damage
  8. Fire damage
  9. Damage caused by fluctuations/spikes in your electricity supply
  10. Damage caused by not having adequate earthing (All SOLDRON products come with earthing)
  11. Damage due to accidental drop
  12. Damage due to use of harsh chemicals like acids and/or fumes
  13. Hot Plugging - Hot plugging is the changing or adding of powered accessories/products while the mains are on
  14. Damage caused by changing accessories/parts while any part of the product is still hot
  15. No warranty can be offered to fake/pirated copies of our products
  16. Not having a proof of purchase


Can I get warranty replacement/repair services from shops/resellers/dealers?

Please do NOT approach shopkeepers for replacements/repair services, please approach us directly by writing to us at support@soldron.com

No warranty or service request from shopkeepers will be entertained on behalf of end consumers.


Example scenario: If you, as a customer purchase a 25W SOLDRON Soldering Iron (SI25A) and find that it is not working once you take it home. Instead of going back to the shop, you are supposed to get in touch with us(the manufacturer), email us the following (to: support@soldron.com):


  1. A clear scanned copy of your proof of purchase
  2. Pictures of the product (including QR code if present)
  3. A short description of your problem
  4. Your full name
  5. Your phone number

All these are necessary so that our staff can get in touch with you directly and assist you with your SOLDRON product.


Procedure for purchasing from a physical shop

If purchasing from a physical shop, it is highly recommended to check the product thoroughly, prior to leaving the shop. Many physical shops have been known to sell fake SOLDRON products at shockingly cheap rates. Always ensure originality by purchasing from reputed sources and sellers.



Warranty is subject to manufacturer's discretion and may be denied in the event of any unfair action carried out by the consumer outside of the scope of the above points.

Please contact us by writing to support@soldron.com for any repairs/warranty related queries.

All complaints are subject to Mumbai jurisdiction.


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Incase of any doubt with regards to the above, please contact us for clarification. 

Product Claim
Unboxing Video is compulsory for Claiming any Damage / Defect / Incomplete product.


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