Soldron Professional Digital Temperature Adjustable Soldering Iron (Soldermall Exclusive)


Product Code : SID60A

MRP 2,990

The most portable soldering station built into just a hand held soldering iron! Using the latest MCH heater technology developed in-house by Soldron which provides lightning fast heating and excellent temperature stability with negligible loss of heat which saves time, energy and allows the user to work continuously for long hours without being fatigued.

Try it to experience the difference in this little monster!


1. On-Handle Microcontrolled LCD display iron.

2. Fast heat-up and quick thermal recovery, permitting high quality soldering.

3. Fatigue free design for continous working.

4. Advanced temperature setting technology which can be used to solder lead and leadfree solders.

5. Crystal clear display (without back light) that displays set and run modes.

Input  230VAc/50Hz

Watts   60W

Temperature  180°C - 500°C

LCD display  Monochrome 7 segment display

Temperature setting  Push buttons

ESD Safe   Yes

Tip size  0.7m.m.

Heater Type  Ceramic Solid State

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