Soldron High Frequency Soldering Station

Product Code : IST 100

MRP 15,590

Our IST-100 is Soldron's ultimate station for extremely high precision soldering.

This is why we think this is the best station money can buy:

  • Reaches required temp(anywhere between 200° -480°C) within 15 seconds- Blazing fast
  • Once set, the temperature of the bit tip will stay within ±1 degree C, conventional soldering temperature fluctuations < 8 degrees
  • ESD Safe and ideal for Surface Mount Design/Technology work
  • Advanced heating technology
  • Sleep mode after 15 minutes of inactivity- Resumes heating once picked up
  • Micro-controller based eddy current station
  • Bits last longer due to low fluctuations in temperature

Who is this station for?

  • IIT engineers
  • Aeronautical and space engineers
  • R&D teams
  • Anyone who works with temperature sensitive and/or software based IC's
  • People who want ultimate in speed and temperature maintaining ability




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